As one of the developed countries, Japan has shown its edge on technology advancements throughout the world. Almost everything there is aided with high technology, from the marvellous transportation system to amazing robotics.

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But it seems like Japan has gone quite over the limits of technology advancements. So, I was lurking on the internet reading and looking some random stuffs and I landed on one of the weirdest pages of Google Images. I don’t know how I made it there, but I just enjoyed discovering a lot of products that are rather new to me. I have listed some of the weirdest products that only Japan has. While you’ll find them bizarre, most of them are actually useful.


Expensive Inedible Watermelons

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Watermelons sound appealing during that time of the year where beaches are most crowded. These round-shaped juicy fruits are especially refreshing during a hot summer day while relaxing or tanning on the seaside.

No matter how they look, watermelons are still watermelons inside, but what if they’ll come with unusual shapes and you can’t really eat them? Farmers in Japan had developed a method of growing watermelons according to their desired shapes. The method is simple enough that anyone can do it with the right tools and patience. Little watermelons are put on a tempered glass that comes in different shapes. Upon growing, the watermelon takes the shape of the mold and voila! There goes your unusual-shaped watermelon.

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You can purchase one at a $200. But don’t get too excited, these watermelons are made for decoration purposes only, meaning you can’t eat them. The reason is that they didn’t grow in the natural proper way so they are practically not developed inside. Just enjoy the view of unusually shaped watermelons.


Full Body Umbrella

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The perfect umbrella for paranoid rain-avoiders who don’t want to get even the tiniest drop of the rain is quite smart and funny at the same time, I guess. I love the idea because as a person who lives in a country that frequently rains, I wouldn’t want to get soaked all the time because the typical umbrella that we know only protects us in one direction. However, you’ll look funny if you’ll use this, on my very own perspective of course. Plus I couldn’t imagine the hassle of moving from side to side while wearing this umbrella.

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Mobile Toilet Paper

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Mobile what? Of all things that should be made portable, Japan has made toilet paper easily accessible anytime, anywhere. There’s a toilet paper roller that can serve as a headband and once you get colds or feel like eliminating those snot off your nose, just pull it over your head and the business is done. Smart or crazy?


Snot Sucker

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Speaking of snot, there’s this popular baby product in Japan that will surely enhance the mother-baby relationship. This product is mainly used to easily remove mucous from the nose of infants. An aspirator is used to suck mucous from a baby’s nasal passage and then there’s this tube that is connected to a container where the mucous is supposed to be trapped. Then, there’s another tube that is also connected to the container that moms should suck to produce a suction force sucking the mucous away. I just hope that there’s a filter that won’t allow the mucous to go directly to the mother’s mouth because that would be really gross.

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Baby Mop Suit

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Seriously, having this product worn, babies are more useful at household chores than me. Japanese moms can now take advantage of having an energetic baby that crawls anywhere. With this suit that is sewed with mop on it, the floor is being polished while the baby is enjoying himself.


Bubble Wrap

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As a kid, I always loved popping the bubble wrap that served as protection for delivering fragile stuffs such as televisions or refrigerators. Japan is smart enough to understand how I and probably a lot of people out there feel. This never-ending bubble wrap provides you the sensation of popping them while the fun never ends.


Book Pillow

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Have you ever wanted to just slack around and have a good sleep while looking studious? The book-shaped pillow for students just like me can now bring a pillow in school without getting into trouble. This might sound wrong but why not give yourself a break once in a while and just sleep away the boring lecture?


Silent Karaoke

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Ever heard of a karaoke where your voice is muted? As baffling as it might sound, there’s this special microphone in Japan that lets you enjoy the fun of singing in a karaoke and not being heard. This is perfect for not-so-gifted people just like me when it comes to singing. You can sing at your heart cost without worrying about how bad your voice is because no one would hear you.


The Most Hilarious Helmet Ever Invented

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Never miss your station again while riding on a train. Japanese people invented a special helmet for all sleepyheads that always get passed by their destination. A helmet that is attached on the glass windows of the train with an editable note that says “Wake me up at station…Thanks” will somehow look funny when worn especially on public places. But what’s life without fun?



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This one’s my favourite. Japan is famous not only because of its technology advancement, but also because of authentic and instant cup noodles. Never get bored again while waiting for your instant noodles to be ready with these temperature sensitive cup noodle lid holders. They take the form of little men who hold the lid of the cup noodle. These little men will also tell you when your noodle is ready as it changes its color to white while the noodles get hot. The fun thing is that you can also have them as collectibles because they come in different adorable colors.

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Which one is your favorite among them? There are still many bizarre products that are not listed here. I’ll be very delighted if you’d share the knowledge to me!